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March Country Meeting 2012

The SRCY Spring Country Meeting this year had a London theme, not for where it was held - that was Hampshire - but because three of the five peal attempts on the Saturday morning were of London, either Major or Royal. All five and one of Spliced Surprise Major on the Friday evening were successful.

For those not in the Saturday peal attempts, there was a mini-tour of four towers: Whitchurch, Overton, and both St Michael's and All Saints, Basingstoke, and while the first few touches at the last tower were on the back eight, all nine bells were made use of later. Tea and biscuits were provided prior to the business meeting in All Saints church, served by Mark Place and Angela Athawes.

The meeting heard tributes to five members who had died recently, all of long-standing membership but who had varying degrees of involvement with the Society, the most widely known being Harold Rogers who was elected in 1957. Three new members were elected and subsequently presented with their certificates, while in the financial statement which followed, a summary of the state of the society finances showed all the funds to have healthy balances. It was then agreed that the officers could spend a reasonable sum on sundry expenses associated with the St Dunstan's project, after it was confirmed that the original grant agreed by the Society had not been needed. Thanks were offered to the incumbents and ringers of all the towers used for the peals and the tour, and particularly to Adam Greenley and Ben Constant for their invitation and hard work in organising the towers.

The day concluded with a splendid meal and a variety of liquid refreshments in All Saints church hall, prepared and served by the Basingstoke ringers. There was ample time for chatting to friends old and new before, during and after the meal. Further thanks with acclamation were made to Adam and Ben and all their helpers for their culinary efforts and for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Ben Duke

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Society of Royal Cumberland Youths

St Andrew
Friday 9 March 2012 in 3 hrs 6 (14)
5312 Spliced Surprise Major

(14m: 512 Rutland; 480 London; 448 Glasgow; 416 each Ashtead, Cambridge; 384 each Cassiobury, Lincolnshire, Pudsey; 352 each Cornwall, Lessness, Superlative; 320 Yorkshire; 288 Bristol; 224 Belfast; 143 com, atw)
Composed by G A C John
1          Angela M Athawes
2          Shirley E McGill
3          Benjamin D Constant
4          Claire F Roulstone
5          Catherine N Merlane
6          Ian Roulstone (C)
7          Adam S Greenley
8          Oliver D Cross

ALTON, Hants
St Lawrence
Saturday 10 March 2012 in 2 hrs 49 (18)
5088 Bristol Surprise Major

Composed by I R Fielding
1          Elizabeth J Cranfield
2          Katherine E Young
3          Joanna K Dorling
4          Angela M Athawes
5          Richard J Chandler
6          Ian G Mills
7          Peter I Harrison (C)
8          Alan Regin
In memory of Harold Rogers.

St Andrew
Saturday 10 March 2012 in 3 hrs 14 (19)
5000 London No.3 Surprise Royal

Composed by D F Morrison
1          E Jane Sibson
2          Georgina Barratt
3          Christine M Carter
4          Katharine J Firman
5          Janet E Archibald
6          Catherine N Merlane
7          Malcolm M Powell
8          Derek E Sibson (C)
9          Peter W Emery
10        Ian G Campbell

The Church of the Holy Rood
Saturday 10 March 2012 in 2 hrs 36 (6)
5056 London Surprise Major

Composed by A J Cox
1          Benjamin D Constant
2          Barry D Mack
3          Angela M E Jasper
4          Fiona M Wheeler
5          Edward R Mack
6          Richard C Smith
7          Stephen A Wheeler (C)
8          Simon Read

LISS, Hants
St Mary
Saturday 10 March 2012 in 2 hrs 53 (12)
5058 Yorkshire Surprise Major

Composed by D F Morrison
1          Rosemary J Duke
2          Felicity S Warwick
3          John J Ford
4          Janet E Menhinick
5          Peter M Wilkinson
6          Michael H D O'Callaghan
7          Mary E Holden
8          Graham A Duke (C)

St Mary
Saturday 10 March 2012 in 3 hrs 5 (13)
5040 London No.3 Surprise Royal

Composed by S J Ivin
1          Heather M Forster
2          Ian R Fielding
3          Penelope J V Sharpe
4          Helen Phillips
5          Richard M Hobbs
6          Anthony P Cotton
7          Geraldine R Forster
8          Stephen A Rossiter
9          Claire F Roulstone
10        Ian Roulstone (C)
With the best wishes of the band to Swaz Apter and Alan Flood on the occasion of their engagement.