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Membership Details

This page contains information about the membership nomination and election process and information for current members.

If you have any enquiries about membership related issues, please contact David C Bath the Honorary Secretary.

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Why join?

The Society can offer opportunities to further your ringing, the chance to ring and socialise with the Society and take part in our regular events - country meetings around the UK (and occasionally overseas), Not the Dinner Day in London, peal weekend and London practices. People often join if they ring with members of the Society - in London and around the UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Society Rules

Signed in members can view a Copy of the Rules. If you would like a copy of of the Rules either in electronic format (Word 97 document) or in hard copy, please send an email or write to David C Bath the Honorary Secretary.

Membership Eligibility

The rules of Society state that:-

"To be eligible for membership of the Society, persons shall be not less than fourteen years of age and have rung any bell In a peal of a recognised method or principle. The completed membership form must now be received by the secretary one month before the meeting at which the candidate is to be proposed. Candidates shall be proposed and seconded by members of the Society who shall satisfy themselves that the abilities of the person proposed are in keeping with the standards and traditions of the Society. The proposer shall be present at the meeting. If the seconder is unable to attend the meeting (he or she) may second the candidate by letter."

Slightly different rules may apply where the candidate and sponsors are permanently resident outside of the British Isles - please contact David C Bath the Honorary Secretary for further details. We would also like to encourage potential new members to attend the meeting at which they are to be elected wherever possible so that we can welcome them to the Society in person.

Nomination Form

Please download from one of the links above, a copy of the nomination form, to be printed out, completed by the candidate and returned to David C Bath the Honorary Secretary. Please do not return this form electronically as the candidates signature is required.

If you are unable to obtain this form from this page, please contact David C Bath the Honorary Secretary who will be pleased to forward you a nomination form the old fashioned way!

Practice Steeplege

From 1 January 2017, practice steepleage is £1 per practice. Members also have the option to pay their practice steepleages for the whole calendar year by paying £50 in advance. Payment should be made to the Society by the second London practice of January.

Peal Submissions

To ensure prompt and accurate peal submissions to the Ringing World, please use Bellboard. This link will pop up in a new window.

Conductors of peals should send steepleage (50p), peal booking fee (50p) a total fee of £1 per ringer and details of composition to Ruth E R Corney the Junior Steward.

Changes of Address

To keep the mailing list up to date, please send all changes of address to Penny Sharpe the Assistant Secretary.

SRCY Events

Signed in members can view an online tick list which is updated throughout the year. Sign up for events usually close the weekend before the event, members please login and sign up in advance.


Donations form

Download and complete this form 119.25 KB if you would like to make a Gift aid declaration / contribution in respect of the Bell Restoration Fund.