Practice List – Midlands

Below is the list of forthcoming Midlands practices. Practices are four times a year on the first Sunday of March, June, September and December, unless otherwise specified.

The Society also has:

For further information on these practices, please contact Tim Peverett at

There is a Quarter Peal attempt before the midlands practice on Sunday 3rd March at Stoke Minster at 1430. If you are interested please contact Tim Peverett at

We look forward to seeing you at a practice soon!

Practice list
Date Tower Practice Time
(if not the usual time)
St Mary Virgin, Nottingham Practice starts at 16:30  
Cath Ch of Christ & BVM, Worcester Practice starts at 14:30  

For further information and for Practices, Meeting place confirmation and Special methods please contact Sam Cave the Senior Steward at or contact Ruth E R Corney the Junior Steward at