Anniversary Dinner

275th Anniversary Dinner

The Society held it's 275th Anniversary Dinner September 10th 2022. you can read the report here.

Triennial Dinners

The Society has held triennial dinners in September. The most recent four dinners (2003, 2006, 2009 and 2012) have been held outside of London - at Cambridge, York, Bristol and Birmingham respectively. Holding a formal dinner every three years has proved popular and it really feels like a special occasion.

Read the write-up of the 2022 Triennial Dinner in Charing Cross, London.

Informal Dinners

Informal Dinners are held on the years when we do not have our Formal Triennial Dinner. They are normally held on the second Saturday of September in central London.

The last informal dinner was held on at Doggetts Coat and Badge, London. You can read the report here.