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2010 Striking Competition

On Sunday 16 May members of the Society from the Eastern counties met up at Dalham, near Newmarket, for a striking competition and picnic. Despite having slight doubts that it would be a wet and windy afternoon, I am pleased that the sun shone and all seemed to go smoothly. It was great to see everyone there, between 50 and 60 members and friends I would estimate. I'm sure The Affleck Arms appreciated the extra clientele also.

On the understanding that she got a free and substantial picnic, the Master came up to join us and to ensure that the Society's reputation was maintained. She also agreed to sit in judgement over us and was ably assisted by Martin Whiteley who needed no bribery with food-stuffs to attend!

Most importantly I guess, I should pass on the results of the friendly inter-county contest to ring the best touch of Stedman and Double Norwich.

1 Hertfordshire
2 Essex
3 Cambridgeshire
4 Bedfordshire
5 Norfolk
6 Suffolk

All 6 teams completed the test piece without major mishap, and the winning team from Hertfordshire received a bottle of beer each.

Thanks must go to the local ringers at Dalham for allowing us to 'invade' such a beautiful spot and for the use of the bells. Thank you to the local 'activists' in each county for organising bands and thanks to everyone for supporting this experimental venture.

Photo of ringers
Society members and friends standing in front of Dalham church

Simon A Rudd