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Senior Steward

Shirley McGill

Shirley learned to ring at the end of 1962 at Kingsthorpe, Northampton and was taught by her Dad, Stanley Ruddlesden. She soon became hooked and rang her first peal in March 1964.

She had been a Primary School Teacher all her working life, having two short breaks when her two daughters were young. She is currently thoroughly enjoying retirement - she claims it's the best!

Since joining the Cumberlands in 1994 she has rung probably about 1500 peals, so it's not hard to see where her energies have been focussed. However, she has always been a staunch supporter of Wednesday night practices in London and she is committed to producing the best possible ringing.

Contact Details

Tel: 07747 897 001

Email: Shirley McGill

What does the Senior Steward do?

The Senior Steward is involved in the ringing side of the Society, being a regular attender of London practices where they help ensure things run smoothly (not least by booking all the towers!) and deputise for the Master. The Senior steward undertakes ad-hoc organising of peals and gets involved with events like NTDD. Other ringing related tasks often fall to the Senior Steward, such as organising special practices and peals.