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Jack E Page

Jack learnt to ring at Caversham, Berkshire in September 2008 having been taught to ring handbells and handle a bell by Helen McGregor (also a member of the society) on Alderney (CI) the previous summer.

Jack went to university in Birmingham in October 2015, ostensibly studying Geography, and quickly became an active member of a number of bands, including the Monday night peals at St Philip's Cathedral. This qualified him to ring in the Birmingham 12-bell band from 2016-19, achieving victory with the team on 3 occasions.

During this time, Jack took an active role in the running of the Birmingham University Society, serving as master in 2016/7. Jack also became a keen member of the local band at St. Paul, Birmingham.

Since graduating in 2019, Jack moved home to Reading and started attending Wednesday practices regularly post-lockdown, encouraged by the friendly and welcoming atmosphere, extensive post-practice socialising and drive for high quality method ringing and striking. He has served in the role of both Junior and Senior Stewards at different times over the last three years and organised the Society's successful entries to the National 12-bell striking competition in 2022 and 2023.

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26 Redlands Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 5EX

Tel: 07891 503035

Email: Jack E Page

What does the Master do?

The Master is responsible for running ringing (principally at Wednesday night practices), chairing business meetings ad organising peals on country meetings. It falls to the Master to preside over the annual dinner and represent the Society at other events. The Master is also responsible for organising the Society's 12-bell entry. More widely, the role is about keeping an overview of everything that is going on in the Society - encouraging people to get involved and offering advice and support to people who are organising SRCY events. It is common to organise a few peals too!