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Assistant Secretary

Joseph E T Waters

Joseph learnt to ring at SS Peter & Paul Langton by Spilsby in Lincolnshire after the bells were rehung in 2009 and became a member of the band at St Wilfrid's Alford where he made his first steps in basic method ringing. After moving to Sheffield for university in 2015, Joseph became a member of the bands at Sheffield Anglican Cathedral, St Marie's RC Cathedral and St Mary's Walkley, which allowed his ringing to progress quickly, ringing his first Peal in November 2015. Joseph was the Ringing Master of the Sheffield Universities Guild from 2017-2019. In June 2017, Joseph moved to Hertfordshire for a year on a university placement, and regularly rang with Society until moving back to Sheffield to finish his studies. Whilst in his final year at University, Joseph also became a member of the current band at York Minster, where he developed his ringing on higher numbers further. Joseph was elected as a member of the Society in October 2018, and since becoming a member of the Society, Joseph has expanded his 12-bell repertoire, ringing peals of Stedman Cinques and Surprise Maximus. Joseph moved to London in 2019 and is a regular Wednesday night attendee as well as the Tower Captain at St Martin in the Fields.

Contact Details

20E Porchester Square, Bayswater, London,W2 6AN

Tel: 7590272978

Email: Joseph E T Waters

What does the Assistant Secretary do?

The Assistant Secretary works closely with the Hon Sec to help with the administration of the Society. Commonly this involves keeping membership lists up-to-date and making the Society's social events work by booking people, venues and collecting money. The assistant secretary is often to be found persuading people to come to an event, pressing people to confirm their intentions and pay their money!