Sheila Edmondson obituary

Sheila died age 87 on 7th July 2020 after a long illness.

Sheila learned to ring at Woolton, Liverpool. She met her first husband, Roger Brown whilst ringing at Liverpool Cathedral where Roger was a chorister. The couple moved to Harpenden as a result of Roger’s job as an engineer in the aerospace industry. Sheila was a chartered accountant and secured a post at Mercer and Hole in St Albans. They joined the Harpenden band and under the captaincy of the late Alan Patterson the band rose to the level of managing touches of 8 spliced surprise on a Sunday morning.

Sheila actively supported the St Albans District of the Hertford CA and in 1996 Sheila was elected President of the Association for that year. Sheila rang a small number of peals for the Cumberlands but a much larger number for the HCA-mostly conducted by Alan Patterson but also Bernard Taylor when he took over as Captain. Many of those later peals were with her 2nd husband, Eric Edmondson.

Sheila is survived by her sons Simon and Edward Brown who both rang at Harpenden for a while.

Sheila rang 3 peals for the Society