Godfrey FitzHugh obituary

Godfrey learnt to ring at St Saviour's, Eastbourne in 1960 on the heavy going 25cwt eight. Owing to having an inoperable eye defect, he was unable ever to drive a car and found that ropesight was very difficult, which meant that he was unable to progress beyond plain hunting and covering.

He served the Sussex Association as Eastern Division Secretary from 1964 to 1967 and was meticulous in his work in that capacity. After his marriage in 1966 Godfrey rang at Hellingly but gave up ringing for a while when his four children were growing up. He resumed as a ringer at Hailsham in 1989 when his son was old enough to learn and continued to be a loyal member of the band until forced to give up about five years ago when he could no longer safely negotiate the stairs.

After retirement in 1997, Godfrey set up a small travel agency specialising in Australia so, when Christine and I wanted to organise a ringing trip there in 2001, he made all the arrangements for travel and accommodation just leaving us with the tower arrangements. Thanks to his organisational abilities our party were able to ring at all the 48 ringable towers at that time in the country.

He rang a total of eight peals, Doubles, Minor & Triples and about fifty quarter peals, from Doubles to Caters.

Alan Baldock