Diana M Bridle obituary

Diana Bridle (Di) was born in Yorkshire and moved to Bath when her father became editor of the local newspaper. She was immensely proud of her Yorkshire roots. She learnt to ring in Twerton, Bath in 1960. After A levels she went to Bristol firstly to study and then to work. She met Peter Bridle in Bristol and they were married in March 1968. They went to live in Nailsea. Peter had learnt to ring in Long Ashton and they remained members of the band there for some years. Chris and I moved to Long Ashton in 1969 and were also members of the band. Di was for many years a very keen peal ringer ringing 1472 before she retired from peal ringing in 2014 due to back problems. Her first peal was April Day Doubles, rung at Twerton In November 1964. In December 1972 she rang in a local band peal of Cambridge Surprise Major at Long Ashton and was a member of the Bristol Ladies peal band which rang amongst other things 8 Spliced Surprise Major at Bristol Cathedral in July 1975 and the first peal of Maximus by a ladies band at St Stephens Bristol in December 1975. She was also part of the band, all born in 1943, who rang a peal in 1983 to celebrate reaching 40 and continued every ten years until 2013. After leaving Bristol to move to Berkshire she rang at both Thatcham and Midgham, where she helped to teach learners. Her other major hobby was horse riding. She had an ambition to compete at Badminton but settled for walking the course and watching the experts. She was a keen supporter of Riding for the Disabled and helped at her local riding school. She was a really lovely lady and those of us who knew her don’t find this surprising at all.

Heather Kippin

Diana rang 25 peals for the Society