Alton, Hampshire
St Lawrence
Saturday, 10 March 2018 in 3hrs 6mins (18-1-20 in E)
5152 Spliced Surprise Major (18 Methods)
Composed by Norman Smith
18 methods: 672 Rutland; 448 each Cambridge, Cray, Lincolnshire; 224 each Ashtead, Bristol, Cassiobury, Cornwall, Double Dublin, Ipswich, Lindum, London, Pudsey, Superlative, Uxbridge, Wembley, Whalley and Yorkshire. 153 changes of method, all the work.

  1. Russell A Brown
  2. Faith J Pearce
  3. Simon A Rudd
  4. Claire F Roulstone
  5. Frank W Rivett
  6. Alan Regin
  7. John P Loveless
  8. Ian Roulstone (C)

On the occasion of the Society's country meeting in Farnham.