Wareham, Dorset
Lady St Mary
Saturday, 14 April 2018 in 3hrs 14mins (17-1-20 in E)
5056 Spliced Surprise Major
Composed by Richard J Parker
8 methods: 1120 Rutland; 896 Yorkshire; 672 Cambridge, Lincolnshire; 576 Bristol; 448 Superlative, Pudsey; 224 London; 108 changes of method, all the work

  1. Lucy S Warwick
  2. Rosemary J Duke
  3. Claire E O'Mahony
  4. Hilary A Beresford
  5. Graham A Duke
  6. Philip A L Rioch
  7. Harry E Blamire
  8. Donald B Carter (C)

In memory of Michael J Platt who taught Claire to ring. With best wishes to David and Flick Warwick who had to pull out of a royal attempt at short notice and thanks to Donald for stepping in as conductor. 50th peal in Dorset as conductor.

Peal number 8239