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Birchington on Sea, Waterloo Tower, Quex Park, Kent
Sunday, 3 August 1884 in 3hrs 24mins (15-1-20)
5073 Stedman Caters
Composed by John Nelms

  1. John Nelms (C)
  2. Charles T Hopkins
  3. George Newson
  4. William Coppage
  5. Henry A Hopkins
  6. Henry Dains
  7. Arthur H Gardom
  8. Henry Swain
  9. William Baron
  10. John W Mansfield

The above members of the Society visited the Waterloo Tower at the invitation of Henry S Thomas Esq. for the purpose of commemorate the 65th anniversary of the opening of these bells by members of this Society and hereby desire to express a lasting gratitude for the opportunity this afforded.

Peal number 621

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