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Holloway, Middlesex
St Mary Magdalene
Saturday, 25 August 1883 in 3hrs 19mins (17-2-15)
5040 Stedman Triples
Composed by Thomas Brook

  1. George Newson (C)
  2. John Gobbett
  3. Wingfield Meadows
  4. James Hannington
  5. Arthur R Jacob
  6. William H Doran
  7. James Barrett
  8. George Griffin

This peal was rung with the bells deeply muffled as a last mark of respect and esteem to William Pascal Smithett, Esq., Churchwarden of the above church, and he had also been connected with the parish for the last forty years as Vestryman, Guardian, and Chairman of the Board.

Peal number 589

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