Shoreditch, Middlesex
St Leonard
Sunday, 14 February 1999 in 2hrs 40mins (8-3-3)
5152 Spliced Surprise Major
Composed by Norman Smith
23 methods: 224 each Yorkshire, Uxbridge, Cornwall, Double Dublin, Bristol, Whalley, Watford, London, Tavistock, Glasgow, Cambridge, Cassiobury, Lindum, Superlative, Wembley, Rutland, Jersey, Preston, Ipswich, Cray, Ashtead, Lincolnshire, Pudsey. 160 changes of method, all the work.

  1. Ian R Fielding (C)
  2. Paul A Cammiade
  3. Lawrence J Haines
  4. Shirley E McGill
  5. Ian K Bushell
  6. Catherine N Merlane
  7. Stephen A Wheeler
  8. Ian G Campbell

Peal number 4224