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City of London, Bishopsgate
St Botolph
Saturday, 10 December 1796 in 3hrs 17mins (17-1-6)
5040 Grandsire Triples
Composed by John Holt
Holt's Original

  1. George Gross
  2. John Lake
  3. John Hurst
  4. Thomas Reeves
  5. George Gross Jr (C)
  6. William Stephens
  7. William Richardson
  8. Richard Gander

Transcript: This Peal was the production of that ingenious composer John Holt, who had it first rung at Saint Margarets Westminster on the 7th July 1751, himself being seated in a chair with his manuscript in his hand to guide him in calling the 148 bobs and two doubles (singles). The dividing it into Parts and Courses for the purpose of retaining it in. Memorising for calling is a matter that had lately Baffled all the skill perpetration of the present age upwards of 40 years, but has now been rang and called by George Gross Junior with the same ease as and pleasure as a common Peal.

Peal number 187

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