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City of London, Hart Street
St Olave
Saturday, 8 November 1969 in 2hrs 58mins (11-1-1)
5184 Spliced Surprise Major
Composed by Norman Smith
24 methods: 384 Pudsey, Uxbridge, Yorkshire, 192 Ashtead, Bristol, Cambridge, Cassiobury, Cornwall, Cray, Double Dublin, Glasgow, Helmshore, Higher Walton, Ipswich, Jersey, Lincolnshire, Lindum, London, Ospringe, Radcliffe, Rochester, Rutland, Simonstone, Superlative. 155 changes of method, 94 combination roll ups.

  1. Felicity S Hamilton
  2. Roger Baldwin (C)
  3. Hilary Muirhead
  4. Simon Humphrey
  5. S Kathleen M Baldwin
  6. Edwin A Barnett
  7. John S Barnes
  8. James A D Woolford

Peal number 1823

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