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Belchamp St Paul, Essex
St Andrew
Sunday, 5 March 1939 in 2hrs 45mins (8-2-16)
5040 Spliced Minor
30 methods: 1) Cumberland, Ennerdale, Horsmonden and Killarney 2) Windermere and Frodsham 3) London Bob, Lytham Pleasure, Thelwall, Double Oxford, College Single, Wavertree, Childwall and St. Clement’s 4) Plain Bob, Fulbeck, Double Bob, Reverse Bob and Canterbury Pleasure 5) Court Bob, Oxford Bob, Hereward and Double Court 6) Capel, Sandal, London Scholars' Pleasure, Kingston and Oxford Treble Bob 7) Cambridge and Primrose Surprise.

  1. Ronald Suckling
  2. Victor Morley
  3. Reginald G H Simmonds
  4. Albert L Dixey
  5. Alec M Genery
  6. Ralph Bird (C)

Rung half muffled as a mark of respect to five parishioners who have died recently.

Peal number 1469

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