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Composition number 477

5088 Benson Surprise Major
Composed by D.F. Morrison (No. 5996)

234567  M   B   W   H
52364       -       2
735462  2   a        
423756  1 In/B       
346257     B/F       
42356   2       2    
Repeat twice
a = In,F,In,F
Contains 408 combinations of 5678 in 1234, including all 24 each 5678s off the front, 6578s off the front,
8765s off the front and 8756s off the front, 12 each 56s and 8765s, 9 each 65s and 7658s,
58 little bell rollups at the back, 54 little bell rollups at the front, and back rounds.
True to Aberhonddu, Ardotalia, Benson, Brompton, Brynbuga, Caerfyrddin, Cantium, Coccium, Corinium Dobunnorum,
Dagenham, Dictum, Gobannium, Gwent, Ictis Insula, Isca, Isurium, Johnson, Kingswood, Llanfeugan, Mark, May,
Moorgreen, Moricambe, Raydale, Rustat, Thorncombe, Tinea, Usk, Voran, Woodgett and Yosemite.

Rung as 5088 Isca S Major at Carshalton on 15th November, 2012

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