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Composition number 251

5376 Spliced Surprise Major
Composed by R.J. Parker

2345678   M   5   W   H   Methods
4235678               -   B.
3542678           -   -   YYNP.CYS.
6532478   2               L.B.CCPS
3527486   -  (3)  -       YNN.RRRR.B.B.R.
Seven part

For 7 methods, L = R.

Reduce to 5056 by calling either:
a) One lead N for the last seven leads in any one part and omitting (3)
and associated leads of Bristol in two further parts, or
b) Omitting (3) and associated leads of B in any five parts (parts 1-5 preferred).

Bristol (B), Yorkshire (Y), Lincolnshire (N), Pudsey (P),
Cambridge (C), London (L), Superlative (S), Rutland (R); all the work.

Rung as 5056 Spliced S Major (8m) at Hackney, St John on 20th November, 1982

Rung as 5056 Spliced S Major (8m) at Buckland Dinham on 19th November, 2011

Rung as 5056 Spliced S Major (8m) at Winford on 15th November, 2014

Rung as 5056 Spliced S Major (8m) at Wareham on 14th April, 2018

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