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May Business Meeting, Saturday 11th May 2024

4 Spliced Peals plus May Business Meeting

18 days to go

The May Business Meeting will be held in London and via Zoom on Saturday 11 May

The business Meeting will be held upstairs at The Sekforde pub in Clerkenwell, 34 Sekforde Street, London EC1R 0HA, at 4.30 pm. The meeting will be a hybrid format on Zoom using the Owl.

There will be general ringing at St James Clerkenwell, from 3pm to 4pm before the meeting.


There is a sign-up for morning peals in London preceding the meeting.

The theme of the ringing will be 4 spliced: Cambridge, Bristol, Superlative and London, from Major to Maximus (eg Pitman's, Kippin's, Crosland's / Warboys'). While there will be peals organised around the meeting in London, members from further afield are invited to join on the day by organising attempts in their area and linking these to the event.

Sign up

Logged in members can sign up for a peal attempt. (If you can't see the link to sign up here, and you have a log-in to this site, you can log in here, then you can sign up; alternatively by ticking the paper list on Wednesday or please email Penny Sharpe the Assistant Secretary.)