Peal Weekend 2023

The Society’s annual peal weekend is this weekend (18–19 November).

Instructions for organisers

If you are organising any attempts for peal weekend and have not already advised Ruth Corney of your attempts for peal weekend, please send the details (including the date and tower) to Ruth Corney as soon as possible so that the Society has an accurate record of all attempts that are taking place this weekend.

Following your attempt, would all organisers please send Ruth Corney, the following details:–

  1. Peal Reports – We try to send all the peals to “The Ringing World” together in one batch. In order to send them in promptly, please submit them to BellBoard together with the composition (see below) and link it to the official event. However please do not submit your peal to The Ringing World, as this will be done as an event write up.

    An event has been set up called “Society of Royal Cumberland Youths — Peal Weekend”. The Junior Steward will need the details of all successful attempts by midnight on Thursday 23 November 2023 at the latest. If for any reason (e.g., illness) you are unable to make that deadline, please let them know and send your report to “The Ringing World” and it will appear in the peal columns with other peals.

  2. Fees – Steepleage is 50 pence per rope and Peal Booking Fee is also 50 pence per rope. That is, £1 per ringer for successful attempts and 50p per ringer for unsuccessful ones should be sent to Ruth Corney (as Junior Steward). Please make out cheques to The Society of Royal Cumberland Youths.

    Those of you who pay by credit transfer at a bank should ensure that their name is in the reference and should notify both Ruth Corney and our Treasurer, Claire Roulstone. Claire will supply account details should you need them.

    If you do not have internet banking you can take your cheque or cash to a branch of Barclays Bank and pay it into the Society’s account.

  3. Compositions – A publication name and page reference is sufficient, otherwise please send the composition. These should be sent to Ruth Corney along with details of your attempt.

As on previous occasions, we are very interested in how you attempt has fared and will place the results of the weekend on the Society’s website. Please let send through the details of those taking part in an attempt that fails, as we need these for statistics produced on the website and for recording steepleage. Thank you for taking part in this year’s peal weekend.