Not The Dinner Day 2023

This followed its usual format, with peal attempts during the day followed by gathering in a pub and a meal in the Indian restaurant next door. I find this blend of ringing and social activity particularly attractive, as it offers the chance to ring again with old friends as well as meeting some exciting and talented new members. Not all the attempts were successful, with Peter Harrison being particularly unfortunate to lose both attempts two days after arriving from Australia. Peals were scored at Bermondsey, Garlickhythe, Holloway and Limehouse, with losses at West Ham and Hart Street.

The Bangalore Express provided its usual high standard of varied and tasty food at a remarkably reasonable price, given the City location. Coffee was a little slow to appear, as usual, and by this time many members had returned to the Crosse Keys. Here the diminishing selection of beers available was causing concern at one end of the table, while the younger members at the other end moved on to pitchers of brightly coloured cocktails. Our thanks go to the officers for the ringing arrangements and to Penny for negotiating an excellent deal with the restaurant and for herding around 40 members into the right place at the right time.

Peter W Emery

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Peals rung for Not The Dinner Day

Peals on Bellboard

4 peals so far have been rung for the Society Not The Dinner Day.

Bermondsey, Greater London
St James
Saturday, 4 February 2023 in 2hrs 53mins (14-1-15 in F#)
5024 Ytterbium Surprise Major
Composed by D F Morrison (No 516)

  1. Jimmy L Yeoman
  2. Beryl R Norris
  3. Cynthia E Howell
  4. Catherine E Morley
  5. Rebecca Kirby
  6. Ian G Campbell
  7. Claire F Roulstone
  8. Ian Roulstone (C)

On Not the Dinner Day.

City of London,
St James Garlickhythe
Saturday, 4 February 2023 in 2hrs 49mins (9-1-25 in G#)
5056 London Surprise Major
Composed by Benjamin D Constant

  1. John J Ford
  2. Katharine J Salter
  3. Daniel J Page (C)
  4. Peter J Blight
  5. Timothy R Forster
  6. Evie Newton
  7. Adam W Kilgour
  8. Alan Regin

For Not the Dinner Day.

Holloway, Greater London
St Mary Magdalene
Saturday, 4 February 2023 in 3hrs 5mins (17-2-15 in E)
5024 Bristol Surprise Major
Composed by Anthony J Cox

  1. Peter W Emery
  2. Penelope J V Sharpe
  3. Rachel L Mahoney
  4. Joseph E T Waters
  5. Ewan G A Hull
  6. Douglas J Beaumont
  7. Stephen A Wheeler (C)
  8. Claire F Roulstone

On Not the Dinner Day

Limehouse, Greater London
St Anne
Saturday, 4 February 2023 in 3hrs 5mins (12-3-25 in E)
5082 Bristol Surprise Royal
Composed by J S Warboys

  1. Lewis D Benfield
  2. Edward R Mack
  3. Catherine E Morley
  4. Jimmy L Yeoman (C)
  5. Rebecca Kirby
  6. Jack E Page
  7. Eleanor C Mack
  8. Stephen A Rossiter
  9. Michael R Crockett
  10. Thomas B Mack