Informal Dinner

Saturday 9th September 2023 — Doggetts Coat and Badge

It would be fair to say that they were less people than usual at the September Informal Dinner but nevertheless a good time was had by all attendees. Those people who may have thought that visiting a Nicholson’s pub wasn’t perhaps their ideal for an evening out would have very pleasantly surprised with both the fantastic view across the river from the dining room and the quality of the food. Nibbles on the table, excellent portions of well cooked and presented food from a different menu to the pub, plenty of beer and wine. I recall that my cheese plate dessert for one would have fed several people.

The informal dinner is an opportunity for those who perhaps don’t come to London as often as they would like to meet with friends for a very convivial evening. I remember it as just that. I knew that I was having a good time when someone from another table remarked that we seemed to be making a lot of noise. I class that as a success.

No peals rung but you can’t socialise on the end of a bellrope anyway!

Grateful thanks to Penny for the organisation. I would be happy to visit again.

Paul Cammiade

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