2023 AGM Day

The Cumberlands AGM day this year was held on the 7th October. There were three peal attempts in the morning. Bristol Major was successful at Putney, as was spliced Cinques and Maximus at Cornhill. Sadly Stedman Cinques was lost at St Martin's which was to have been rung in memory of John Barnes.

After some refreshments in the Cross Keys, and a bit of trouble getting some members out of said pub, some went to St Andrew's Holborn where there was open ringing, and some made it straight to the Savoy Tap just in time for the start of the meeting. This was held in the upstairs room, which was just big enough for the attendance, but quite cozy nevertheless. It was good to see a healthy attendance from both those from London and further afield. The owl pro video conferencing camera was put to good use with members from overseas being able to join the meeting remotely.

There were a few changes at the top with Jack Page elected master, Sam Cave as Senior Steward, Ruth Corney as Junior Steward, David Bath Honorary Secretary, Claire Roulstone Honorary Treasurer, Penny Sharpe Assistant Secretary and Liz Hibbert as Honorary Librarian.

Thanks were given to Michael Crockett the outgoing master for his work over the last few years, especially so given the difficulties created through the pandemic.

There were two new members elected: Harry Helyer of Nunthorpe, North Yorkshire and Myles Dakan of Northampton, Massachusetts, USA. From the proposer's nomination speeches it sounds like they will both add a valuable contribution to the society.

After drinking the pub dry of beer, some of the remaining members retired to Franco Manco's for pizza (and possibly other establishments, I couldn't comment as I had a train to catch). That concluded an enjoyable day.

Christian Peckam

The officers are now as follows:

Master Jack Page
Senior Steward Sam Cave
Junior Steward Ruth Corney
Honorary Secretary David Bath
Honorary Assistant Secretary Penelope Sharpe
Honorary Librarian Elizabeth Hibbert
Honorary Treasurer Claire Roulstone
Trustees (2) Ian Oram
Douglas Beaumont
Independent Examiners (2) Frank Rivett
Michael O’Callaghan

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Peals rung for AGM day

2 peals so far has been rung for the Society AGM Day.

City of London,
St Michael, Cornhill
Saturday, 7 October 2023 in 3hrs 25mins (32-1-6 in Db)
5037 Spliced Cinques and Maximus (4m/p)
Composed by M R Eccleston
4 methods: 2493 Stedman Cinques; 864 each Avon Delight Maximus, Bristol Surprise Maximus; 816 Zanussi Surprise Maximus; 37 com

  1. Sally A Brown
  2. David C Bath
  3. Matthew S Pearson
  4. Eleanor C Mack
  5. Jack E Page (C)
  6. Estella J Haynes
  7. Daniel J Page
  8. Frank W Rivett
  9. Michael R Crockett
  10. Ian Roulstone
  11. Alex S Riley
  12. Christian M Peckham

On Society AGM day.

Putney, Greater London
St Mary
Saturday, 7 October 2023 in 2hrs 51mins (12-3-8 in F#)
5024 Bristol Surprise Major
Composed by Anthony J Cox

  1. Ian G Campbell
  2. Beryl R Norris
  3. Christopher E J Kilgour
  4. Peter W Emery
  5. Evie Newton
  6. Russell A Brown
  7. Stephen A Wheeler (C)
  8. Claire F Roulstone

Rung on Society AGM day