Not The Dinner Day Quiz 2021

With Covid-19 restrictions continuing to make the Society’s usual social calendar impractical, Saturday 6th February witnessed the SRCY’s first ever ‘Not-the-Not-The-Dinner-Day’ Quiz, in place of NTDD’s usual combination of peals and a curry night.

As with the Peal Weekend Quiz held in November, the Zoom format allowed for much socialising throughout the evening. Teams for each of the six quiz rounds were randomly assigned by Zoom, giving members the opportunity to chat as much as possible with both old friends and new acquaintances. Quiz topics ranged from ‘Only Connect’ to ‘Cocktails’ and ‘Fruit and Vegetables’, the latter of which required members to identify the fruit or vegetable from a given list of rather suggestively named varieties.

Though it was a shame to be limited to virtual events for the time being, the online format allowed several members who would not normally be able to travel to London to get involved in NTDD. A grand total of 69 Zoom screens were in attendance, working out at over 90 members in total. After the quiz’s conclusion, members continued to catch up in breakout rooms, too.

Many thanks to the officers for making all the arrangements, and especially to our quizmaster, the Junior Steward, for keeping our brain cells busy whilst ringing remains impossible. Fingers crossed that the 2021 calendar can include some in-person events, too.

Matthew Pearson

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