Peal Weekend Report 2020

Peals rung for 2020 Peal Weekend

One Hand bell peal so far have been rung for Society peal weekend.

1 different methods, 0 different towers by 3 ringers 1 as conductor.

Leading ringers

Julia R Cater 1
Tina R Stoecklin 1
Simon J Gay 1 (1 as C)

Leading conductors

Simon J Gay 1

Ringing Room,
Saturday, 21 November 2020 in 2hrs 14mins ()
5040 Minor (3m)
3 extents of Kent Treble Bob, 2 extents of Cambridge Surprise, 2 extents of Plain Bob.

  1. 1–2Julia R Cater (Penrith)
  2. 3–4Tina R Stoecklin (Glasgow)
  3. 5–6Simon J Gay (Glasgow) (C)

The first handbell peal in Ringing Room (i.e. every person ringing two bells). Rung with motion-sensing dummy handbells and simulated sound. For the Society's peal weekend.