Not The Dinner Day 2019

What better way to get over the January blues than joining friends from the Society for a day of peal ringing, finished off with a delicious curry?!

All five peal attempts were successful and a total of 34 members took part in the days ringing, 14 of whom rang two peals in the day. In addition to regular towers booked for Society events, the Senior Steward managed to secure some rarer towers this year in Battersea and South Hackney and participants were grateful to score peals at new venues. Methods rung varied from single Surprise Major and Royal to Stedman Caters and Horton’s 4 Spliced Surprise Major.

After the days ringing we returned to the Bangalore Express City in the Heart of the City for the fourth year running. 42 members sat down to enjoy fantastic Indian cuisine and took full advantage of discounted drinks. A wonderful evening was enjoyed by all who attended and the event was a resounding success thanks to the team of organising officers and the hospitality of the restaurant staff.

Timothy Forster, Assistant Secretary

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Peals rung for Not The Dinner Day

5 peals so far has been rung for the Society Not The Dinner Day.

Battersea, Greater London
St Mary
Saturday, 2 February 2019 in 2hrs 58mins (13-2-24 in F)
5024 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
Composed by R R Horton
4 methods: 1344 Glasgow; 1248 London; 1216 Belfast, Bristol. 113 changes of method, all the work.

  1. Anne L Rueff
  2. Jack E Page (C)
  3. Daniel J Page
  4. Peter J Blight
  5. Timothy R Forster
  6. Claire F Roulstone
  7. Douglas J Beaumont
  8. Benjamin D Constant

On the occasion of the Society's 'Not the Dinner' Day.

Rotherhithe, Surrey
St Mary
Saturday, 2 February 2019 in 2hrs 57mins (10-2-5 in Ab)
5088 Ytterbium Surprise Major
Composed by Donald F Morrison #7607

  1. Ian G Mills
  2. Janet E Menhinick
  3. Elizabeth A Hibbert
  4. Michael H D O'Callaghan
  5. David C Bath
  6. Peter W Emery
  7. Graham A Duke (C)
  8. Russell A Brown

For Society "Not the Dinner Day".

Shoreditch, Greater London
St Leonard
Saturday, 2 February 2019 in 3hrs 16mins (25-1-11 in Eb)
5042 Bristol Surprise Royal
Composed by Richard J Angrave

  1. John J Ford
  2. Benjamin F Ricketts
  3. Eleanor C Talbot
  4. Annabelle F Frost
  5. Geraldine R Forster
  6. Luke G Groom
  7. Jack L Edwards (C)
  8. Edward R Mack
  9. Matthew C Gardiner
  10. Thomas B Mack

100th Peal - 9
For Society's NTDD.

South Hackney, Greater London
St John of Jerusalem
Saturday, 2 February 2019 in 3hrs 13mins (19-0-11 in Eb)
5056 Bristol Surprise Major
Composed by B D Constant

  1. Stephen R Aldridge
  2. Penelope J V Sharpe
  3. Shirley E McGill
  4. Anne L Rueff
  5. Andrew D Hodgson
  6. Adam S Greenley
  7. Benjamin D Constant (C)
  8. Claire F Roulstone

On the occasion of the Society’s “Not the Dinner Day”.

Stepney, Greater London
St Dunstan and All Saints
Saturday, 2 February 2019 in 3hrs 36mins (28¾ in Db)
5040 Stedman Caters
Composed by M R Eccleston

  1. Jack E Page (C)
  2. Beryl R Norris
  3. Elizabeth A Hibbert
  4. Daniel J Page
  5. Luke G Groom
  6. Barry D Mack
  7. Jack L Edwards
  8. Ian G Mills
  9. Nicholas M W Haggett
  10. Peter W Emery

On the occasion of the Society's 'Not the Dinner' Day.