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AGM and Business Meeting, Saturday 6th October 2018

13 days to go

The AGM and October Business Meeting will be held at St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch at 4.30pm on Saturday October 6th. There will be peal attempts in the morning, and general ringing at Shoreditch from 3pm to 4.15pm.



The following nominations for the officers for 2018-19 have been received:

Officer Nomination Proposer


Master Benjamin Constant Jack Page Penelope Sharpe
Senior Steward Shirley McGill Paul Cammiade Elizabeth Hibbert
Junior Steward Michael Crockett Shirley McGill David Bath
Honorary Secretary David Bath Elizabeth Hibbert Douglas Beaumont
Honorary Treasurer Claire Roulstone Barry Mack Thomas Mack
Honorary Assistant Secretary No nomination received    
Honorary Librarian Geraldine Forster David Bath Douglas Beaumont
Trustees  (x2) Ian Oram Nicholas Haggett Ian Mills
  Douglas Beaumont Geraldine Forster Elizabeth Hibbert
Independent  Examiners (x2) Frank Rivett Ian Oram Douglas Beaumont
  Michael O'Callaghan Janet Menhinick Ian Oram



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Sign up

Logged in members can sign up for a peal attempt. (If you can't see the link to sign up here, and you have a log-in to this site, you can log in here, then you can sign up; alternatively by ticking the paper list on Wednesday or please email Penny Sharpe the Assistant Secretary.)