2018 AGM Day

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Peals rung for AGM day

2 peals so far has been rung for the Society AGM Day.

City of London,
St Magnus the Martyr, London Bridge
Saturday, 6 October 2018 in 3hrs 23mins (26-3-9 in D)
5088 Spliced Treble Dodging Maximus (5m)
Composed by J S Warboys
1056 Zanussi; 1008 each Ariel, Avon, Bristol, Phobos; 48 com, atw

  1. Adam S Greenley
  2. Katharine J Firman
  3. Shirley E McGill
  4. Benjamin D Constant
  5. Daniel J Page
  6. Jack E Page (C)
  7. Jack L Edwards
  8. Mary E Holden
  9. Michael R Crockett
  10. Ian Roulstone
  11. Thomas B Mack
  12. Claire F Roulstone

On the occasion of the Society's AGM.

Stepney, Greater London
St George in the East
Saturday, 6 October 2018 in 2hrs 40mins (6-0-9 in C)
5024 Cambridge Surprise Major
Composed by Robert D S Brown

  1. James W Belshaw
  2. Elizabeth A Hibbert
  3. Penelope J V Sharpe
  4. Beryl R Norris
  5. John J Ford
  6. Peter J Blight
  7. Richard M Hobbs (C)
  8. Timothy R Forster

For Society AGM day. Many thanks to James W Belshaw for standing in at short notice.