2018 AGM Day

The AGM was held in the lower hall at St Leonard's Shoreditch on Saturday 6th October following the October Business Meeting and general ringing. Around 48 members were present at the meeting. The day followed the usual format, with 2 peals being successful in the morning, as well as general ringing immediately prior to the start of the business meeting.

We were pleased to elect the following new members to the Society:

There were five changes to the Officers’ lineup: Ben Constant as Master, Shirley McGill as Senior Steward Michael Crockett as Junior Steward, Claire Roulstone as Treasurer, and Tim Forster as Assistant Secretary.

Master Benjamin Constant
Senior Steward Shirley McGill
Junior Steward Michael Crocket
Honorary Secretary David Bath
Honorary Assistant Secretary Timothy Forster
Honorary Librarian Geraldine Forster
Honorary Treasurer Claire Roulstone
Trustees (2) Ian Oram
Douglas Beaumont
Independent Examiners (2) Frank Rivett
Michael O’Callaghan

Congratulations to Ben on his election as Master, and Shirley and Tim on their election as Senior Steward and Assistant Secretary respectively.

Thanks were also given to Tom Mack, Barry Mack and Penny Sharpe who stood down as Master, Honorary Treasurer and Assistant Secretary respectively.

With the business completed, we adjourned to The Globe (where we usually go after practices at Cripplegate), where Penny had arranged for us to have the upstairs area to eat and drink at our leisure as well as discuss the events of the day.

All in all an enjoyable end to one year, and to start the next.

David Bath

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Peals rung for AGM day

2 peals so far has been rung for the Society AGM Day.

City of London,
St Magnus the Martyr, London Bridge
Saturday, 6 October 2018 in 3hrs 23mins (26-3-9 in D)
5088 Spliced Treble Dodging Maximus (5m)
Composed by J S Warboys
1056 Zanussi; 1008 each Ariel, Avon, Bristol, Phobos; 48 com, atw

  1. Adam S Greenley
  2. Katharine J Firman
  3. Shirley E McGill
  4. Benjamin D Constant
  5. Daniel J Page
  6. Jack E Page (C)
  7. Jack L Edwards
  8. Mary E Holden
  9. Michael R Crockett
  10. Ian Roulstone
  11. Thomas B Mack
  12. Claire F Roulstone

On the occasion of the Society's AGM.
Circled the tower: 4. Well done Master Ben!

Stepney, Greater London
St George in the East
Saturday, 6 October 2018 in 2hrs 40mins (6-0-9 in C)
5024 Cambridge Surprise Major
Composed by Robert D S Brown

  1. James W Belshaw
  2. Elizabeth A Hibbert
  3. Penelope J V Sharpe
  4. Beryl R Norris
  5. John J Ford
  6. Peter J Blight
  7. Richard M Hobbs (C)
  8. Timothy R Forster

For Society AGM day. Many thanks to James W Belshaw for standing in at short notice.