March Country Meeting 2017

Warnham 11 March

At the March Country Meeting over 50 members enjoyed the hospitality of the ringers from Warnham West Sussex and friends led by Ian and Margaret Oram. 5 peals were scored and there was general ringing in the area finishing at Warnham before the meeting. We rememberd the following members who had died: Michael E Brown, M Jill Staniforth, Richard Cowley, Freda Cannon, Margaret Large, Eric Naylor, and Ruth Foreman; and the following were elected as members and welcomed into the Society: Paul M Mason, James Hughes, C Luke Heaton, Daniel J Page.

Penny Sharpe

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Peals rung for the Society’s March Country meeting

Henfield, West Sussex
St Peter
Saturday, 11 March 2017 in 3hrs 0mins (16-2-7 in E)
5024 Cassiobury Surprise Major
Composed by S Jenner

  1. Ronald F Diserens
  2. Jenny M Heyworth
  3. Anne L Rueff
  4. Elizabeth A Hibbert
  5. Shirley E McGill
  6. Benjamin D Constant (C)
  7. Adam S Greenley
  8. Claire F Roulstone

On the occasion of the Society's country meeting in Warnham.
A wedding compliment to Rob Lee and Lizzy Stokoe, married at St Guthlac's, Market Deeping, during this peal.

Horsham, West Sussex
St Mary the Virgin
Saturday, 11 March 2017 in 3hrs 3mins (22-2-24 in Eb)
5040 London No. 3 Surprise Royal
Composed by C K Lewis

  1. Malcolm S Edwards
  2. Helen Phillips
  3. John J Ford
  4. Felicity S Warwick
  5. Graham A Duke
  6. Angela M E Jasper
  7. Anthony P Cotton
  8. David A Warwick (C)
  9. Thomas B Mack
  10. Nigel R Woodruff

Rung during SCRY Country Day

Petworth, West Sussex
St Mary
Saturday, 11 March 2017 in 2hrs 58mins (18-0-9 in E)
5184 Cassiobury Surprise Major
Composed by Donald F Morrison

  1. Anne E Franklin
  2. Stephen R Aldridge
  3. Joanna K Dorling
  4. Michael Angrave
  5. Ian P Hastilow
  6. Alistair M Donaldson
  7. Stephen A Wheeler (C)
  8. Alan Regin

On the occasion of the Society's country meeting in Warnham.

Warnham, West Sussex
Parish Room
Saturday, 11 March 2017 in 2hrs 9mins (5 in Db)
5152 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Composed by W John Couperthwaite

  1. 1–2Margaret L Sherwood
  2. 3–4Stephen J Beckingham
  3. 5–6P Jonathan Franklin (C)
  4. 7–8Karen M White

Birthday compliment to Karen
First surprise away from trebles: 7-8
First of Yorkshire on inside pair: 3-4

Withyham, East Sussex
St Michael and All Angels
Saturday, 11 March 2017 in 2hrs 58mins (15-0-9 in F)
5056 Cambridge Surprise Major
Composed by C Middleton

  1. Deborah M Talbott
  2. Janet E Menhinick
  3. Marisa A Hayes
  4. Malcolm M Powell
  5. Michael H D O'Callaghan
  6. Penelope J V Sharpe
  7. Stuart P B Talbott
  8. Timothy R Forster (C)

Rung for the Society's Country meeting.