2016 AGM Day

The AGM was held at St Martin in the Fields hall on Saturday 1st October following the October Business Meeting. Prior to the meeting two peals were successful (attempts of Bellatrix and Spliced Cinques & Maximus were unforunately lost) and general ringing at St Martin in the Fields. 54 members were present at the meeting.

We were pleased to elect four new members, David A Horne, Jennifer M Heyworth, David G Pearson and Matthew S Pearson. Sadly, we also remembered two members who had recently died: Diana J Handley and Marjorie F Matthews.

The only change to the officers lineup was the role of Senior Steward, where Heather Forster was proposed from the floor, there having been no previous nominations. Thanks were given to the outgoing Senior Steward, Ben Constant. The Master explained that the number of new members elected in the last twenty years had dropped beyond the threshold for 4 Central Council Representative; he also mentioned the fact that John Barnes, had been recently honoured with Life Membership of the Council and was hence now ineligible to represent the Society at the Council. Members congratulated John on this exceptional achievement.

There were two rules amendments, firstly to the rules surrounding steeplage, to allow people to pay electronicallya one off amount of £50 at the beginning of each year to cover all steeplage other than peals for the year; and secondly to the BRF where a change was made to the rules governing the authorisation by the trustees of expenditure for the bell installations at the Society Towers. Please see the minutes (members only) for further details or contact one of the officers for further information.

We broke with recent tradition and had an informal gathering downstairs in the Silver Cross this year. This meant that people could come and go with greater freedom. The pub wasn’t quite prepared for the influx of very thirsty and hungry ringers all at once, but eventually we were fed and watered, and socialising enjoyed by all.

As is par for the course, The Harp was the usual post meal venue for those left at the end!

Penelope Sharpe

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Peals rung for AGM day

Westminster, Greater London
St Clement Danes
Saturday, 1 October 2016 in 3hrs 15mins (21-1-23)
5040 London No. 3 Surprise Royal
Composed by Anthony J Cox

  1. Christine M Carter
  2. Peter W Emery
  3. Penelope J V Sharpe
  4. Elizabeth A Hibbert
  5. Heather M Forster
  6. Michael Angrave
  7. Edward R Mack (C)
  8. Geraldine R Forster
  9. Frank W Rivett
  10. John P Loveless

Willesden, Greater London
St Mary
Saturday, 1 October 2016 in 2hrs 29mins (7-3-7)
5040 Surprise Minor
7m. 1 extent each. Morpeth, Coldstream, Chester, Netherseale, Bourne, Norwich, Cambridge.

  1. Janet E Menhinick
  2. John J Ford
  3. Anne L Rueff
  4. James E Benner
  5. Stephen A Wheeler (C)
  6. Russell A Brown

On Society AGM day.