London Ringers' Advent Carol Service

Christ Church, Spitalfields
Christ Church, Spitalfields

Members of the Middlesex Association have re-started the very successful and enjoyable London Ringers' Advent Carol Service this year, which lapsed after 10 years a couple of years ago.

As you will see it is, this year, being held at Christ Church Spitalfields and the Service is being conducted by SRCY Honorary Member, Rev. Andy Rider.

It would be great if Society Members could support this initiative and the details are shown below:

Date: Monday 30 November 2015 (the day after Advent Sunday)

Place: Christ Church Spitalfields, Commercial Street E1 6QQ

Open Ringing: from 6.15pm until 6.45pm, organised by Alan Regin – Contact Alan if you would like to take part.

Service: starts at 7.00pm conducted by the Rector, Revd Andy Rider

Afterwards: meeting at Blessings Bar, 76 Commercial St, London E1 6LY

Director of Music: Gregory Rose
Prior choir rehearsal: Thursday, November 26th, 7-9pm at Christ Church Spitalfields

At this stage, Gregory Rose is recruiting a ringers' choir to lead the singing and would be glad to hear of singers from any of the London ringing societies who would like to take part. Please email Gregory Rose.

Please pass this message on to any ringer that you think might be interested - further details will follow in due course.

Thanks and good wishes

Alan Regin on behalf of Margaret Peirce, Philip Vracas and Gregory Rose.

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