July Country Meeting 2015

I was very pleased that the Society had received an invitation from Ben and Rosemary Duke to come to the Wimborne area, we had been once before with the meeting at Canford School and I remember us all having a great time on that occasion also.

Lots of planning went into the arrangements which encompassed the pre meeting peals, all day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning along with some quarter peals on the Friday and 3 open towers on the Saturday morning followed by ringing on the fine 12 at Wimborne Minster immediately before the meeting.

That is a lot of towers and careful thought went into the locations, a mix of 8 bell and 10 bell towers for the peal attempts. 13 peals were successful along with 5 quarter peals.

Holiday traffic and the resurfacing of the Dorchester bypass added to the interest and made a few peals rather later starts than anticipated, but, thanks to sterling efforts by the participants, some very enjoyable ringing was had.

The open towers were a good mix, the very nice anti-clockwise 6 at Gussage St Michael got things started, followed by the grand 8 at Cranborne in that fine village. Another nice 6 at Witchampton followed and then, after a lunch break, ringing at the Minster as mentioned. All the bells were enjoyed by a good crowd in fine weather. About 65 people rang at the Minster including a number from the morning peal bands.

We all then met in Church House, tea, coffee and biscuits were available and the business meeting started on time and was well attended.

Members spoke to the memory of Canon Geoffrey Brown, a past Vicar of St Martin in the Fields and an Honorary member of the Society along with Jo Moreton of Wakefield, a stalwart ringer and supporter of ringing over many years. May they rest in peace.

Two new members were elected, Claire O'Mahony and Andrew M Bull and they were both welcomed to the Society.

Mention was made of the upcoming triennial dinner in Norwich on Saturday 19th September and the AGM on Saturday 03rd October along with the London 12 bell competition on Saturday 24th October and peal weekend around the weekend of 21st / 22nd of November.

The meeting also discussed a request for a grant towards the work being proposed at St Peter Mancroft in Norwich and the officers recommendation was accepted by the meeting.

There were many congratulations to be mentioned:

Derek Sibson, Jane Sibson, Ian Smith, Rebecca Cox, Alan Regin, Ian Campbell and Raymond Clist were all present and were congratulated by those present.

At close of business it was announced that beer and wine were available downstairs and while that was all going on the meeting room was reconfigured for the meal, a great selection of beef, chicken or vegetarian with rice or noodles followed up by some great puddings. Two quizzes had been devised by Rosemary Duke and were enjoyed by all.

After everything the rooms were put in good order for the Church to use the next day.

Wonderful organisation had been undertaken by Ben and Rosemary Duke very ably assisted by David, Flick and Lucy Warwick, Trish and Eric Hitchens and Sue Smith among others. They were all warmly thanked for their efforts.

Alan Regin

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Peal details on Bellboard

Peals rung for Society July Country meeting

Milford on Sea, Hampshire
All Saints
Thursday, 9 July 2015 in 2h55 (12–1–20 in F♯)
5056 Bristol Surprise Major
Composed by D W Beard

  1. John J Ford
  2. Janet E Menhinick
  3. Ronald F Diserens
  4. Alistair M Donaldson
  5. Michael H D O'Callaghan
  6. Derek E Sibson (C)
  7. Anthony P Cotton
  8. Peter J Waterfield

Fordingbridge, Hampshire
St Mary
Thursday, 9 July 2015 in 2hrs 47mins (13–2–1 in F)
5024 Bristol Surprise Major
Composed by DG Hull (No. 1)

  1. Ian Roulstone (C)
  2. Felicity S Warwick
  3. Janet L Morris
  4. Joanna K Dorling
  5. John P Loveless
  6. David A Warwick
  7. Alan Regin
  8. Claire F Roulstone

100th peal of Bristol Major: 1.

Beaminster, Dorset
St Mary of the Annunciation
Thursday, 9 July 2015 in 3h 11m (22–1–27 in D)
5000 Bristol Surprise Royal
Composed by Ian Fielding

  1. Felicity S Warwick
  2. Ruth Curtis
  3. Joanna K Dorling
  4. Mary E Holden
  5. Geraldine R Forster
  6. David A Warwick (C)
  7. Claire F Roulstone
  8. Paul F Curtis
  9. Alan Regin
  10. Ian G Campbell

Awbridge, Hampshire
Clock House Bells
Thursday, 9 July 2015 in 2h46 (3–1–2 in E)
5038 Cambridge Surprise Royal
Composed by John H Fielden

  1. Andrew J Davey
  2. Graham A Duke
  3. Ruth Curtis
  4. Colin J Butler
  5. Susan E Smith
  6. Malcolm M Powell
  7. Angela M E Jasper
  8. Paul F Curtis
  9. Anthony P Cotton
  10. Peter J Waterfield (C)

Weymouth, Dorset
St Andrew, Preston
Friday, 10 July 2015 in 2hrs 53mins (12–1–9 in F♯)
5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Composed by D F Morrison (No 4570)

  1. Ronald F Diserens
  2. Elizabeth J Cranfield
  3. Ruth Curtis
  4. Penelope J V Sharpe
  5. Andrew J Davey
  6. Andrew V Brown
  7. Graham A Duke
  8. Paul F Curtis (C)

Downton, Wiltshire
St Lawrence
Friday, 10 July 2015 in 3h 23m (22–3–23 in D)
5184 Lessness Surprise Major
Composed by Robert Brown

  1. Andrew J Davey
  2. Felicity S Warwick
  3. Claire F Roulstone
  4. John J Ford
  5. Ian Roulstone
  6. David A Warwick (C)
  7. Pauline C Champion
  8. John P Loveless

Dorchester, Dorset
St Peter
Friday, 10 July 2015 in 3 hr 18 min (20¾ in E)
5088 Lessness Surprise Major
Composed by A J Cox

  1. Joanna K Dorling
  2. Helen Phillips
  3. Rebecca J Cox
  4. Anthony J Cox (C)
  5. Edward R Mack
  6. John P Loveless
  7. Thomas B Mack
  8. Alan Regin

Rung as part of the SRCY Country Meeting

Charminster, Dorset
St Mary the Virgin
Friday, 10 July 2015 in 3:2 (14–3–8 in F)
5184 Bristol Surprise Major
Composed by S Jenner

  1. Patricia D Spink
  2. Elizabeth A Hibbert
  3. John J Ford
  4. James M Hills
  5. Peter J Blight
  6. Russell A Brown
  7. Anthony P Cotton
  8. Simon A Rudd (C)

Bradford Peverell, Dorset
Church of the Assumption
Friday, 10 July 2015 in 2h33 (5–3–27 in A)
5056 Cambridge Surprise Major
Arranged by James Clatworthy

  1. Susan E Smith
  2. Elizabeth J Cranfield
  3. Elizabeth A Hibbert
  4. Patricia D Spink
  5. Philip A L Rioch
  6. Teresa J Dunstone
  7. Alistair M Donaldson
  8. Peter J Waterfield (C)

Bournemouth, Dorset
St John the Evangelist, Surrey Road
Friday, 10 July 2015 in 2h52 (16–1–18 in F♯)
5056 Dereham Surprise Major
Composed by James W Holdsworth (No 2)

  1. Timothy R Forster
  2. Pauline C Champion
  3. Janet E Menhinick
  4. Claire F Roulstone
  5. Michael H D O'Callaghan
  6. Nigel R Woodruff
  7. Ian Roulstone
  8. Peter J Waterfield (C)

Wyke Regis, Dorset
All Saints
Saturday, 11 July 2015 in 3hrs 1min (16–2–20 in F)
5088 London Surprise Major
Composed by SJ Ivin (No 41)

  1. Jane D Bull
  2. Ruth Curtis
  3. Hilary A Beresford
  4. Malcolm M Powell
  5. Harry E Blamire
  6. Paul F Curtis
  7. Ian Roulstone (C)
  8. Claire F Roulstone

Swanage, Dorset
St Mary the Virgin
Saturday, 11 July 2015 in 3h09 (22–0–24 in E)
5088 Rutland Surprise Major
Composed by Thomas Hooley

  1. James M Hills
  2. Timothy R Forster
  3. Geraldine R Forster
  4. Edward R Mack
  5. Peter J Blight
  6. Peter J Waterfield (C)
  7. Nigel R Woodruff
  8. Thomas B Mack

Bryanston, Dorset
St Martin (School Chapel)
Saturday, 11 July 2015 in 3:0 (16–3–27 in E♭)
5056 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Composed by R. Angrave

  1. Michael H D O'Callaghan
  2. Janet E Menhinick
  3. Elizabeth J Cranfield
  4. Marisa A Hayes
  5. Janet L Morris
  6. John J Ford
  7. Benjamin Kipling
  8. Simon A Rudd (C)