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Not The Dinner Day 2013

On Saturday the 2nd of February, the Society held its usual winter fixture of Not the Dinner Day, with peal attempts at London towers followed by a curry in the evening.

There were six successful peals out of seven attempts: Bethnal Green, Garlickythe, Pimlico, Rotherhithe, Stepney (St George in the East) and Spitalfields. An attempt at Shoreditch was lost due to illness of one of the band members.

Once again the event was an opportunity for many old and new friends to get together for ringing and socialising and it comes as a welcome fixture in our calendar coming at a time when the Christmas festivities are but a memory and we're all getting pretty sick of the cold grey days.

Just for a change, this year we tried a different venue, the Dil Chad, just a stone's throw from our usual Shoreditch pub, the Shooting Star, near Liverpool Street. This pub was initially listed as our drinking hole for post peal/pre dinner beer, but much to our dismay, was discovered to be closed on the weekend, hence between us we sampled a variety of different pubs in the area before 47 of us converged on the Dil Chat at 7.30.

The capacious restaurant satisfied our palates and our appetites, and also allowed us room to mill about at the end without getting under other diners' feet. Undaunted by the ten o'clock curfew on serving alcohol, a substantial party continued on until the final bell was called at the nearby Hamilton Hall.

Thanks to the Master Shirley McGill, and Assistant Secretary, Ian Mills, for organising the day, and to all those who signed up and took part in what was a very enjoyable event.

Penny Sharpe

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St Matthew
Saturday, 2 February 2013 in 2 hrs 56 (14)
5120 Eccleston Surprise Major
Composed by A J Cox
1          Nicholas D Brown
2          Adam S Greenley
3          Joanna K Dorling
4          Janet E Menhinick
5          Michael H D O'Callaghan
6          Geraldine R Forster
7          Benjamin D Constant (C)
8          Alan Regin

CITY OF LONDON, Greater London
St James Garlickhythe
Saturday, 2 February 2013 in 2 hrs 42 (9)
5024 Lessness Surprise Major
Composed by A G Reading
1          Penelope J V Sharpe
2          Fiona M Wheeler
3          Elizabeth A Hibbert
4          Katherine E Young
5          Graham A Duke
6          Peter W Emery
7          Michael R Crockett
8          Stephen A Wheeler (C)

St Saviour
Saturday, 2 February 2013 in 2 hrs 56 (7)
5056 Spliced Surprise Major
(8m: 704 each Lincolnshire, Superlative; 672 Rutland; 608 each Cambridge, Pudsey, Yorkshire; 576 each Bristol, London: 139 com, atw)
Composed by A N Tyler
1          Derek E Sibson (C)
2          Elizabeth A Hibbert
3          E Jane Sibson
4          Stephanie J Pattenden
5          John J Ford
6          Ronald F Diserens
7          James W Belshaw
8          Peter I Harrison

ROTHERHITHE, Greater London
SS Mary & Paul
Saturday, 2 February 2013 in 2 hrs 54 (11)
5088 Bristol Surprise Major
Composed by D F Morrison (No. 62)
1          Peter J Blight
2          Susan E Smith
3          Janet E Mehinick
4          Michael H D O'Callaghan
5          Russell A Brown
6          Janet E Archibald
7          Ian G Mills
8          Graham A Duke (C)

STEPNEY, Greater London, E1
St George in the East
Saturday, 2 February 2013 in 2 hrs 39 (6)
5184 Spliced Surprise Major
(8m: 768 each Pudsey, Rutland, Superlative; 576 each Bristol, Cambridge, Lincolnshire, London, Yorkshire; 126 com)
Composed by D F Morrison (No. 3)
1          Adam S Greenley
2          Joanna K Dorling
3          Katherine E Young
4          Shirley E McGill
5          Penelope J V Sharpe
6          Catherine N Merlane (C)
7          Michael R Crockett
8          Benjamin D Constant


SPITALFIELDS, Greater London, E1
Saturday, 2 February 2013 in 2 hrs 59 (17)
5024 Bristol Surprise Major
Composed by D F Morrison (No. 11)
1          Fiona M Wheeler
2          Christine M Carter
3          Benjamin D Kipling
4          Rona M Joiner
5          Alan Regin
6          Douglas J Beaumont
7          Richard M Hobbs
8          Stephen A Wheeler (C)
Remembering Roger Bailey, a great advocate of the art of change ringing.