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March Country Meeting 2013

Following a 100% success rate with the morning peal attempts our first taste of Hertfordshire hospitality came from the local hostelries. Hatfield delivered another "burger" picture for Nic Brown's Facebook collection - the food and ale were just rewards for good tenor ringing on a peal of bells that are far from easy.

Early afternoon saw peal bands and other members and friends descending on St John's Hall in Hertford and a surprising number managed to tear themselves away from the warmth of the hall and lure of hot cross buns and coffee to ring on the splendid sounding bells at All Saints. An uncontentious and fairly short meeting followed (perhaps it was the wooden chairs), we sadly recalled losses of members, and with enthusiasm welcomed new members Susan Binns and Mark Norris. Howard would have been delighted to see such new talents joining the Society.

The secretary then coerced us into drinking beer and talking to people while the Hertford ringers and friends prepared a very welcome feast where seconds and thirds of main and pudding were seen to be enjoyed. All in all a day that ran like clockwork, meeting old, and making new friends - bells, beer, good food and great company.

What a splendid day out.

Frank Rivett

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Society of Royal Cumberland Youths

St Mary the Virgin
Saturday, 9 March 2013 in 2h56 (16)
5088 Bristol Surprise Major
Composed by D W Beard
1 Elizabeth J Cranfield
2 Gillian A Leale
3 E Jane Sibson
4 Helen Phillips
5 Anthony P Cotton
6 Derek E Sibson (C)
7 Richard Sales
8 Peter W Emery

St Mary the Virgin
Saturday 9 March 2013 in 3h7 (15)
5088 London Surprise Major
Composed by R Baldwin
1 Christine M Carter
2 George M Unsworth
3 Janet E Menhinick
4 Roger Baldwin (C)
5 Michael H O'Callaghan
6 Anne L Rueff
7 Geraldine R Forster
8 Catherine N Merlane
In memory of George Austin

St Etheldreda
Saturday 9 March 2013 in 3h11 (23)
5000 London (No. 3) Surprise Royal
Arranged by J W Belshaw
1 Stephanie J Pattenden
2 Richard M Hobbs
3 Michael R Crockett
4 Peter J Blight
5 Peter I Harrison
6 James W Belshaw (C)
7 Russell A Brown
8 Benjamin D Kipling
9 Frank W Rivett
10 Nicholas D Brown
Rung in memory of George Austin, a supporter of this tower for many years.

St Andrew
Saturday, 9 March 2013 in 2h57 (15)
5024 Bristol Surprise Major
Composed by I Fielding
1 Joanna K Dorling
2 Simon J Davies
3 Linda M Garton
4 Philippa M Whittington
5 Graham A Duke
6 John P Loveless
7 Alan Regin
8 Ian R Fielding (C)
In fond memory of Howard Egglestone; elected to this society in 1960.

St Dunstan
Saturday, 9 March 2013 in 2h46 (15)
5088 Belfast Surprise Major
Composed by S D Chandler
1 Fiona M Wheeler
2 Katherine E Young
3 Mary E Holden
4 Christopher I Griggs
5 Richard J Chandler
6 Ian Roulstone
7 Stephen A Wheeler (C)
8 Claire F Roulstone

SS Andrew & Mary
Saturday, 9 March 2013 in 2h58 (13)
5056 Cambridge Surprise Major
Composed by D F Morrison (No. 6071)
1 Janet E Archibald
2 Christina D A Brewster
3 Ian W Blake
4 Richard C Smith
5 Peter V Rogers
6 Adam S Greenley
7 Ian G Mills
8 Benjamin D Constant (C)