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2013 Informal Dinner

On Saturday 14 September the Society was at large in the capital, ringing (of course), eating (naturally) and clubbing (really??). The main event was the informal dinner held at The Heights Restaurant in Langham Place, but before this, there was ringing to be done. Three peals were attempted though only one was scored, at St Saviour Pimlico. Perhaps everyone was too hungry!

At 7pm members gathered at the magnificent venue. This was chosen by the lovely Penny Sharpe after careful research conducted all over London. I'm sure she tested all the wine for us, and everyone agreed she made a great choice. The Heights is on the 15th floor of the St George's Hotel and allows glorious views of London on all sides. This was especially enjoyable for exiles like me, who miss and pine for the lovely old Smoke!

As the sun went down and the twinkling lights came on, half an hour's pre dinner mingling was lubricated with prosecco and ale. Near the drinks we found a table spread with photographs. I wasn't sure if this was a game of spot the member or an effort to identify carelessly misplaced Cumberlands. In any event, I wasn't much use. I only spotted Salman Rushdie. I had no idea he could ring.

An excellent dinner was enjoyed washed down with plenty of wine. Afterwards, the Master, Mrs McGill (she's marvellous), thanked the organisers and commanded that we mingle. Mingle we did. Some mingled with drinks in the dining room; some went zooming earthwards in the super fast lift to mingle over cigarettes. As the evening drew to a close there were some who felt more mingling was necessary. A small but dedicated group therefore ventured out to a night club. I'm sure a highly efficient shoe or two were shaken but I did hear on the grape vine that at least one member of the party (who may have been a former master of the society) had to admit he had somewhat over mingled and woke up next day with a sore head!

Still, a memorable and enjoyable event for which we must thank our officers; well done everyone, we're all looking forward to the next one!

Alison McCormack

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Society of Royal Cumberland Youths

PIMLICO, Greater London
St Saviour
Saturday, 14 September 2013 in 2h58 (7)
5056 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Composed by Anthony J Cox
1 Mary E Dunbavin
2 Richard C Smith
3 Timothy R Forster
4 Richard L Thumwood
5 Malcolm M Powell
6 Richard M Hobbs (C)
7 Stephanie J Pattenden
8 Catherine N Merlane
For Society Informal Dinner day.