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2012 AGM Day

AGM Day was held on a sunny autumn day in London, with 5 peals attempts in central London. All these peals were scored, with the details of these shown below.

After the morning peals there was some general ringing at St Martin-in-the-Fields before the "double header" of meetings in the St Martin's Hall. For those who aren't familiar with the rules, we have the Business meeting first, of which there are 4 others throughout the year, and after this is the AGM itself. During the meeting we remembered four members who recently passed away: Rev. Norman J Smith, Doris Colgate, Eric J Brunger and Mark R Rizzo. We also elected three new members: Elizabeth L J Stokoe, Thomas G Scase and Philip D Moyse.

During the Business meeting there were quite a number of points were raised and discussed, so by the time this finished we all definitely needed a 10 minute break before the AGM started. The AGM was a much shorter affair, and it was noted that all Officers are staying on in their current positions for a second successive term.

After the meetings we went for a well needed drink at the Chandos before heading to dinner. Most people were at Prezzo but a small (exclusive?) group went to the Spaghetti House as we had fully booked out Prezzo - it's good to see so many members supporting the whole day.

As people started to make their way home a few people (with shorter journeys home) went to The Harp to agree that a successful day had been had by all.

Peter Harrison

View photos from this event in our gallery.

St James, Garlickhythe
Saturday, 6 October 2012 in 2h52 (9-1-25)
5056 Rutland S Major
Comp. D F Morrison
1 E Jane Sibson
2 Gillian A Leale
3 Janet E Menhinick
4 Calvin C Chai
5 John J Ford
6 Derek E Sibson (C)
7 Michael H D O'Callaghan
8 Russell A Brown
First peal in the method and for the Society: 4.

St Magnus the Martyr
Saturday, 6 October 2012 in 3h26 (26-3-9)
5040 Spliced T D Maximus
(4 methods: 1344 Avon D; 1296 each Bristol S, Zanussi S; 1104 Phobos S. 84 changes of method, all the work.)
Comp. Alan G Reading
1 James W Belshaw
2 Shirley E McGill
3 Jennifer A Town
4 Katharine J Firman
5 George Unsworth
6 Richard M Hobbs
7 Adam S Greenley
8 Christian M Peckham
9 Benjamin D Constant
10 Ian G Campbell
11 Frank W Rivett
12 Oliver D Cross (C)
For Society AGM day.

St Leonard
Saturday, 6 October 2012 in 2h51 (8-3-3)
5088 Cornwall S Major
Comp. Anthony J Cox
1 Anne L Rueff
2 Janet E Archibald
3 Mary E Dunbavin
4 Philippa M Whittington
5 Benjamin D Kipling
6 Graham A Duke
7 Richard C Smith
8 Peter J Waterfield (C)
On Society AGM day in memory of Eric Brunger of Norfolk, a member of this Society, who died on 25 September 2012.

Christ Church
Saturday, 6 October 2012 in 2h51 (17-1-10)
5024 Rutland S Major
Comp. Christopher Forster
1 Joanna K Dorling
2 Fiona M Wheeler
3 Josephine D Horton
4 Timothy R Forster
5 Ian G Mills
6 Peter W Emery
7 Stephen A Wheeler (C)
8 Alan Regin
Rung to the Memory of Mark R Rizzo, a Member of this Society from 1st July 1987.
Graham A Duke is associated with this peal.

Liberties of St Martin-in-the-Fields
Saturday, 6 October 2012 in 3h26 (29-1-1)
5057 Stedman Cinques
Comp. Lucinda J Woodward
1 Penelope J V Sharpe
2 Lucinda J Woodward (C)
3 Michael R Crockett
4 Peter I Harrison
5 Katherine E Young
6 Rona M Joiner
7 Christopher I Griggs
8 Nicholas D Brown
9 Mary E Holden
10 Thomas B Mack
11 Claire F Roulstone
12 Douglas J Beaumont
On AGM day.