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March Country Meeting Report

The 12th March dawned a bright sunny day as members of the SRCY descended on Wiltshire for the March country meeting, based around Devizes. During the course of the morning four peals were attempted and scored at the glorious heavy eights in Bradford on Avon and Westbury, as well as on the fine bells at the Priory church in Edington and North Bradley. News was also received of a successful attempt at Brisbane Cathedral that morning.

During the course of the day general ringing took place at Bishops Cannings, and the three towers in Devizes, all very well supported, with some excellent ringing.

The meeting was held in the Wyvern Club near St James' Southbroom, with tea and biscuits (and beer!) providing the refreshment prior to the business meeting.

The meeting opened with the Senior Steward in the chair, as the Master and others were still away on the Australia trip. Ross Robertson, president of the Salisbury Guild welcomed the Cumberlands to the area, and a message from the Master, Peter Harrison, was read including a request for the members to be nice to Adam as he chaired his first meeting for the Society! The Master sent his congratulations to Derrick Bailey and David Hacker on their 40th anniversary of membership of the Society. Following numerous tributes by members present, the meeting then stood in memory of Geoffrey Dodds who passed away recently.

During the meeting we welcomed three new members to the society:

Philip Gorman from Cambridge

Sharon Stimpson from Cambridge

Jennifer Hancock from Corsham

Congratulations were given to Tim Peverett on his 1000th peal and to Ian Fielding on his 2500th peal.

Following the meeting and a brief wait for the bar to open again an ample buffet was provided, and much beer drunk. In fact we finished off the specially acquired "bellringer" before 8pm!

As the evening progressed use was made of the adjoining skittle alley and people gradually drifted off home. Some visiting members remained in Wiltshire and joined David Hacker, Derrick Bailey and Jenny Hancock in a peal at Bishops Cannings on the Sunday. An excellent gathering was a credit to the time and effort put into organising it. ur grateful thanks in particular go to Phil Bailey and David Hacker for a very successful March Country Meeting.

Adam Greenley

BRISBANE, Queensland
St John's Cathedral
Sat Mar 12 2011 3h24 (16)
5040 Yorkshire S Maximus
Comp: Frank T Blagrove
1 Janet E Archibald
2 Clare McArdle
3 Christine M Carter
4 John J Ford
5 Janet E Menhinick
6 Geraldine R Forster
7 Michael H D O'Callaghan
8 Peter I Harrison
9 Graham A Duke
10 Derek E Sibson (C)
11 Michael Maughan
12 Lloyd S Cartwright
For the March Country Meeting

Holy Trinity
Sat Mar 12 2011 3h38 (29)
5088 London S Major
Comp: Stephen J Ivin
1 Ian R Fielding
2 Adam S Greenley
3 Angela M Athawes
4 Joanna K Dorling
5 Benjamin D Constant
6 Alan Regin
7 Claire F Roulstone
8 Ian Roulstone (C)
Rung on the occasion of the Society's Country Meeting.

EDINGTON, Wiltshire
St Mary, St Katharine & All Saints
Sat Mar 12 2011 3h07 (24)
5081 Stedman Caters
Comp: Donald F Morrison (no. 962)
1 Shirley E McGill
2 Helen Phillips
3 Andrea B Beaumont
4 Edward R Mack
5 Michael R Crockett
6 Barry D Mack (C)
7 Catherine N Merlane
8 Anthony P Cotton
9 Joseph St J Beaumont
10 Stephen A Rossiter

St Nicholas
Sat Mar 12 2011 2h47 (14)
5056 Lincolnshire S Major
Comp: J R Ketteringham
1 Anne Smith
2 Peter M Wilkinson
3 Angie M E Jasper
4 Julia A Lysaght
5 Ronald F Diserens
6 C Michael Brady
7 Ian V J Smith
8 John E Hawes (C)

WESTBURY, Wiltshire
All Saints
Sat Mar 12 2011 3h34 (35)
5120 Bristol S Major

Composed: A J Cox
1 Patricia Hitchens
2 Anne L Rueff
3 Nicholas D Brown
4 Georgina Barratt
5 Russell A Brown
6 Simon A Rudd
7 Mary E Holden (C)
8 Simon R Holden
Rung prior to the Society's country meeting at Devizes.

St Mary the Virgin
Sun Mar 13 2011 2h50 (15)
5056 Yorkshire S Major
Comp: Roy T Harris
1 Derrick P Bailey
2 Julia A Lysaght
3 Jennifer C M Hancock
4 David W Hacker
5 Joanna K Dorling
6 Philip D Bailey
7 Douglas J Beaumont (C)
8 Alan Regin
A compliment to Derrick P Bailey and David W Hacker on completion of 40 Years Membership of the Society.
First Peal with the Society - 3
The band wish to associate David J Orledge with this Peal