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January Business Meeting

On Wednesday 5th of January we held our first business meeting for the year, at The Clarence in Whitehall, with 28 members present.

We were very pleased to welcome Ron Diserens, in his 60th year of membership, who was attending a Wednesday practice for the first time, and we also farewelled Kris Fowler from Minnesota who has just finished an extended stay in the UK.

We also elected and welcomed a new member, Angela Athawes from Basingstoke.

We remembered 2 members who had recently died, Olive Barnett, Mere, Wiltshire elected 21.2.47. and Eileen Sweet, of Harbourne, Birmingham elected 9.4.83.

One of the most significant things that happened in the meeting was that following notice at the previous meeting, Alan Regin proposed that we donate up £25,000 from the BRF towards the funding of the new ring of 10 at St Dunstan in the West, which the Society is keen to be involved in. We have been talking for some time about what to spend our money on and this is seen as an ideal project which will benefit both the Society and London ringing for years to come. See for more detail.

In Correspondence it was recorded that Abbeydore in Herefordshire had written asking for donation for their appeal. As there was no connection with Society, it was agreed by the meeting that we would have a retiring collection for this project. If anyone wishes to donate to this please contact the Treasurer or Secretary, until end of February.

See full report of the meeting in the minutes which will be posted soon.

The meeting closed at 9.45pm leaving just enough time for socialising before closing time.