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SRCY vs ASCY striking competition

The ASCY hosted the 2011 striking competition between the two societies on Tuesday 17 May. The competition involved a 6 bell test piece of 240 London S Minor on the middle 6 at Bow, and an 8 bell test piece of a plain course of Bristol S Major on the back 8 at St Magnus the Martyr, and a 12 bell test piece of 130 Stedman Cinques - also at St Magnus the Martyr.

The results were announced at the Counting House afterwards, with the ASCY judged to have won the 6 bell and 8 bell parts, while the SRCY won the 12 bell competition. We are very happy to have won the 12 bell competition, and also to have a number of CYs come up to us afterwards saying they thought that we had rung better for the 8 bell piece as well.

The Master would like to thank those who were able to make the day. As it was on a Tuesday night a number of people couldn't make it due to various commitments, but it was great for those who were able to make it to come along.

The bands who rang for the SRCY were as follows:

6 bell - 240 London S Minor
1. John Ford (C)
2. Geraldine R Forster
3. Janet E Archibald
4. Nick D Brown
5. Ben D Kipling
6. Russell A Brown

SRCY Judge: Peter W Emery

8 bell - 224 Bristol S Major
1. Elizabeth A Hibbert
2. Joanna K Dorling
3. Penelope J V Sharpe
4. Mary E Holden (C)
5. Andrew V Brown
6. Peter I Harrison
7. Ian G Mills
8. Alan Regin

SRCY Judge: Barry D Mack

12 bell - 130 Stedman Cinques
1. Joanna K Dorling
2. Penelope J V Sharpe
3. Elizabeth A Hibbert
4. Mary E Holden
5. Michael R Crockett
6. James W Belshaw
7. Andrew V Brown
8. Barry D Mack
9. Peter I Harrison (C)
10. Ian G Mills
11. Alan Regin
12. Ian G Campbel

SRCY Judge: Stephanie J Pattenden

Result: ASCY 2 - 1 SRCY