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2011 Informal Dinner

First of all a really big thank you to so many members attending - we were 66 in total. It's the best thing as organisers that you can have. We hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did.

We started off the evening with formalities - before any proceedings got too enthusiastic! The Master welcomed the members and in particular our friends and resident clergy Paul Turp from Shoreditch and Andy and Carol Rider from Spitalfields. We were delighted to have the company also of David Powell, Churchwarden from St Dunstan's and Matthew Burroughs, Clerk of the Works at St Dunstan's. David spoke in response to Peter's welcome. St Dunstan's are set to be a highlight for the Society, with an order having now been placed for the new ring of 10 to be hung in St Dunstan's for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Both David and Matthew looked forward to strong and continued links between the Society and St Dunstan's. We were also very pleased to have amongst our guests Graham Bradshaw and Katie Town, representing the College Youths, and later their Master, Phil Goodyer was also able to join us for post dinner drinking; we were very glad to have their company.

Andy Rider said grace for us - and then onto the glorious food, and some hungry bellringers! Some of us had rung peals in the morning - at St John's Waterloo Road and St George in the East. Many came to the dinner following other events (the second Saturday is a very popular day for various ringing events around the country!). Again, our thanks to those especially who made long journeys back to attend from other events, and to those who fitted the dinner into a long day following organising their own events.

We didn't quite have the spectacular sunsets of last year, but the early Autumn evening could be enjoyed very nicely with drinks on the balcony.

We conclude to say again, it's just the best thing if the organisers can enjoy the event too, and we really did - but it's you, the members who make it a success.

It's over and out from Penny and me now - we're stepping down from our committee roles of Secretary and Assistant Secretary. We've had heaps of fun, it's been great meeting so many of the members and hopefully provided you some entertainment!

See you at the AGM.

Penny & Jo

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