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2011 AGM Day

An unseasonably warm day greeted ringers as they arrived at their respective towers before no fewer than six peal attempts took place on AGM day. A number of ringers felt sorry for those who had drawn St Clement Danes for their peal attempt - according to those there the air conditioner unit kept temperatures at a near bearable level. Five of these attempts were successful, and the details of these can be found below.

After an hour's ringing at St Martin-in-the-Fields, the Business Meeting and then the AGM took place. These were covered in a timely matter, but still gave proper coverage of a number of important events. An update of the St Dunstan-in-the-West was given, where we learned that the project is now fully funded. The Society is looking forward to a very close relationship with St Dunstan's in the future.

We also passed a rule change that altered the requirements for Honorary Members, and then (by some strange coincidence) we elected the Right Rev. Nick Holtam as an Honorary Member. The support he has shown both the Society and the St Martin-in-the-Fields bands has been terrific, and his election was unanimous.

We also had a visit from Simon Meyer who came to tell us about ringing going on during the Olympics and Paralympics, specifically during the marathons. There are a number of towers that are along (or very near to) the marathon routes (courtesy of the vicar of Bow having the route change to go past his church!). The new Master (Shirley McGill) was presented the Master's badge and the outgoing Officers were thanked for their work over the years, with the biggest round of applause saved for Jo Dorling after all the hard work she has done as Assistant Secretary.

After the meetings we had time for a quick drink at the Chandos before heading to Prezzo for our meal. We had the top floor to ourselves with 56 people present. We all had a really good meal and enjoyed the atmosphere and company. A few hearty souls then went back to the Chandos to enjoy the balmy evening and reflect on a enjoyable day and evening.

Peter Harrison

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Society of Royal Cumberland Youths
St Magnus the Martyr
Saturday 1 October 2011 in 3h22 (26-3-9)
5088 Ariel S Maximus
Composed: R W Pipe (no. 3200)
1 Felicity S Warwick
2 Heather M Forster
3 Geraldine R Forster
4 Lee Pinnington
5 Shirley E McGill
6 Edward R Mack
7 Richard M Hobbs
8 Thomas B Mack
9 Adam S Greenley
10 Benjamin D Constant
11 David A Warwick
12 Oliver D Cross (C)
On Society AGM day.
A compliment to Rachel Town and Simon Robinson on the day of their wedding at All Saints church, Northallerton.

St Clement Danes
Saturday 1 October 2011 in 3h11 (21)
5040 Yorkshire S Royal
Composed: Michael P A Wilby
1 E Jane Sibson
2 Janet E Menhinick
3 Benjamin D Kipling
4 Peter J Blight
5 Malcolm M Powell
6 Philip D Bailey
7 Michael H D O'Callaghan
8 Michael Angrave
9 Peter W Emery
10 Peter J Waterfield (C)
300th peal: 6.
On Society AGM day.

Christ Church
Saturday 1 October 2011 in 3h06 (17)
5088 Bristol S Major
Composed: Stanley Jenner (1977-79)
1 Ian H Oram (1984-85)
2 Simon J Davies (1993-95)
3 Linda M Garton (1990-93)
4 Graham A Duke (1980-82)
5 Mary E Holden (2009-10)
6 Derek E Sibson (1969-71) (C)
7 John P Loveless (2008-9)
8 Alan Regin (1987-90 & 1996-99)
In Memoriam Dennis Beresford, Master of the Society 1960-69 & 1972-77, by a band of past masters, using the same method and composition as the first peal on the bells in this tower in 1972. Dennis was instrumental in arranging for the transfer of these bells from the redundant church at Clapham Park.

St Saviour
Saturday 1 October 2011 in 2h49 (7)
5024 Bristol S Major
Composed: A J Cox
1 Fiona M Wheeler
2 Christine M Carter
3 Anne L Rueff
4 Katherine E Young
5 Peter V Rogers
6 Peter M Wilkinson
7 Stephen A Wheeler (C)
8 Hugh J W Wilkinson
Rung on Society AGM day.

St Remigius
Saturday 1 October 2011 in 2h53 (9-2-21)
5120 Bristol S Major
Composed: Robert D S Brown
1 Maureen P Cubitt
2 Patricia Hitchens
3 Janet House
4 Faith J Pearce
5 Richard A Turk
6 Jon Spreadbury
7 Simon A Rudd
8 Ben Trent (C)
Rung on St Remigius' Day for SRCY AGM day.
First in method 5,6,8.