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2010 AGM

AGM day started with peal attempts for 40 members at Pimlico, West Hill, St-Martin-in-the-Fields and St Magnus-the-Martyr, with success at 3 out of 4 venues.

Members then gathered at St-Martin-in-the-Fields for general ringing, followed by the Business meeting and AGM which were attended by 71 people.

The Society remembered and paid tributes to Frank Arnold, and Elizabeth Wycherley, who have sadly died since the July meeting and Joan Ward, whose death 20 years ago has only recently been brought to our notice.

Four new members were elected and welcomed to the Society: Anne R Haskard of SA, Australia, Brian J Owen of Lancashire, James R B Saunders of Bedfordshire and Calvin C Chai of Victoria, Australia. It was good to see Brian, James, and Calvin at the meeting and we look forward to seeing Anne in Australia on the Society trip in the new year.

At the AGM, for the first time in many years there was a contested election for the position of Master, which added a bit of excitement to the day, and so we had a ballot and speeches from the candidates, their proposers and their seconders. Contested elections can be a sign of a healthy Society - it's good to know there are people vying for the chance to serve, especially as a leader. The speeches were heartfelt and convincing, and it was a tense 10 minutes while we waited for the result....The outgoing Master, Mary Holden, in delivering the results to the meeting thanked both Peter Harrison and Shirley McGill for their willingness to stand, their vision, and the thought and commitment they'd put into their plans for the future. The honours went to Peter Harrison, our recent Senior Steward, so now for the first time we have an Australian Master!

We also welcomed a new Senior Steward, Adam Greenley, who joined the Society only relatively recently, but who is already arranging Society peals and is very keen to serve. The other Officers remained in position.

The outgoing Master paid tribute to the Officers for their hard work and support to the Society over the past year. Mary was in turn thanked for her significant contribution in leading the Society for this year, and regret was expressed that her Mastership had been limited to one year due to ill health.

With the business completed everyone adjourned first to the packed Chandos for a quick beverage before piling into the Spaghetti House for a convivial Italian meal. Here we were supplied with plentiful and delicious food, while we debriefed on the day and the year, enjoying the company of old and new friends. Some who had energy managed to extend the evening at the nearby Harp.

All in all an enjoyable end to one year, and a start to the next, to which we look forward with anticipation!

View photos from this event in our gallery.

Post Script: Members had an opportunity to thank Mary for her years service as Master at the final Wednesday practice before the AGM, which was held at Christ Church Spitalfields. After the practice, a prayer from the Vicar, Andy Rider, and a few words of appreciation from Alan Regin preceded bubbly and snacks in the tower which were followed by a thoroughly enjoyable meal at our old haunt, the Sheraz, in Brick Lane.

Penelope J V Sharpe

Society of Royal Cumberland Youths

Liberties of St Martin in the Fields
Saturday, 2 October 2010 in 3:29 (29)
5042 Cambridge S Maximus

Comp. Peter Border
1 Rosemary J Duke
2 Elizabeth A Hibbert
3 Joanna K Dorling
4 Penelope J V Sharpe
5 Edward R Mack
6 Graham A Duke
7 Simon A Rudd
8 Barry D Mack
9 Mary E Holden (C)
10 Alan Regin
11 Douglas J Beaumont
12 Ian G Mills
On Society AGM day

St Magnus the Martyr
Saturday, 2 October 2010 in 3h26 (26-3-9)
5136 Bristol S Maximus
Comp. Richard J Angrave (No.13a)
1 Michael R Crockett
2 Rachel S Town
3 Jennifer A Town
4 Lee Pinnington
5 Shirley E McGill
6 Richard M Hobbs
7 Jonathan J F Stokoe
8 Benjamin D Constant
9 Stephen A Rossiter
10 Adam S Greenley
11 Edward O Marchbank
12 Oliver D Cross (C)
On the day of the Society's AGM.

Holy Trinity (West Hill)
Saturday, 2 October 2010 in 2h57 (15-0-2)
5056 Bristol S Major
Comp. A J Cox
1 Derek E Sibson (C)
2 E Jane Sibson
3 Janet E Archibald
4 Geraldine R Forster
5 Michael Angrave
6 Peter W Emery
7 Peter J Waterfield
8 Peter I Harrison
On Society AGM Day.