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2010 National Twelve Bell Final at Crediton

The National 12 Bell contest final was held on Saturday 26 June 2010 at Crediton. In a change to previous years, none of the bands competing had been allowed to practice at Crediton before the final, and so for many of the band this was the first opportunity to ring on this really good ring of 12.

The SRCY band were drawn to ring last of the nine teams, and so had a long wait in which to enjoy the glorious sunshine and listen to some good ringing! Finally the time came to ring, and we were happy to produce what we felt to be a good piece of ringing. Comments from listeners in the churchyard were also favourable!

The couple of hours between ringing and results allowed many of the band their first taste of the local beers and scrumpy, before we assembled in the church to hear the judges' comments and results. The judges described the SRCY ringing as "professional" with a quickly established rhythm, and following these positive comments the band were very pleased to be placed a creditable second behind Birmingham. The full results are shown below, as is the certificate which was collected by the Master.

The band that represented the SRCY was:
1. Linda M Garton
2. Ian R Fielding (C)
3. Heather M Forster
4. Shirley E McGill
5. Benjamin D Constant
6. Thomas B Mack
7. Mary E Holden
8. Ian G Mills
9. Douglas J Beaumont
10. Oliver D Cross
11. John P Loveless
12. Alan Regin

In addition to those who rang, thanks are due to Jo Dorling who was our reserve on the day and helped out at band practices in the run up to the final. It was also great to see several members of the Society at the final supporting the team.

Mary E Holden

  Team Rang Peal speed Mark
1st Birmingham 8th 3h29 88%
2nd Society of Royal Cumberland Youths 9th 3h42 84%
3rd Ancient Society of College Youths 5th 3h31 79%
4th York 1st 3h25 78%
5th Exeter 6th 3h30 77%
6th Melbourne 3rd 3h19 74%
7th St Martin-in-the-Fields 7th 3h53 68%
8th Cambridge 2nd 3h31 67%
9th Leeds 4th 3h15 60%


The 2nd place National 12 Bell certificate