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2010 National 12 Bell Eliminator at Shoreditch

St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch

On 27th March the SRCY hosted one of the 2010 National 12 bell contest eliminators at Shoreditch. The day started early for those helping with the arrangements and catering, and for the ringers began at 9.30am when photographers from the East London Advertiser arrived to take pictures of some ringing. They were swiftly followed by reporters from ITN London news, who filmed some ringing and interviewed Mary Holden and the Reverend Paul Turp, Vicar of Shoreditch, about the competition. This was broadcast on the news that afternoon!

With PR activities complete, the draw took place in the Church and the SRCY team were drawn sixth out of the seven teams. When our turn came to ring we were happy with our performance, and when the results were given later in the afternoon we were very pleased to be placed first.

The band that rang for SRCY was:
1. Linda Garton
2. Ian Fielding (c)
3. Heather Forster
4. Shirley McGill
5. Ben Constant
6. Tom Mack
7. Mary Holden
8. Ian Mills
9. Doug Beaumont
10. Oliver Cross
11. John Loveless
12. Alan Regin

Thanks are due to George Unsworth, who co-ordinated arrangements for the day, and to everyone who helped out in the run up to the event and on the day itself, whether by working as stewards or in the kitchen, baking a cake or cleaning the ringing chamber! Thanks also to Jo Dorling and Adam Greenley who helped out at a number of the band practices.

The SRCY band now go on to the final, which will be held in Crediton on Saturday 26th June. Information about the final is available on the National 12 bell contest website,