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Inter-Society Striking Contest Result: SRCY 3 - 0 ASCY

The annual striking competition between the SRCY and the ASCY took place on Wednesday 23 April. The contest format changed slightly this year with all the ringing and socialising taking place on the same night. The SRCY hosted this year: following general ringing at Shoreditch with members of both societies present, a 12-bell contest took place - with extra pressure added by the rival band remaining in the ringing chamber. Meanwhile at Spitalfields, the 6 and 8-bell contests were underway. Everyone convened at the Shooting Star for the results and the important business of drinking and socialising.

All the contests were judged by a representative of each Society. The SRCY were declared winners in all three contests.

Congratulations - and thanks - to those who rang for the Society or judged one of the contests.

A good 'home win'! We look forward to the away fixture next year....

Take a look at some of the photos from the socialising.

6-bell: 60 on 3rds at Spitalfields

1. Ian R Fielding (C)
2. Shirley E McGill
3. Catherine N Merlane
4. Alan Regin
5. Oliver D Cross
6. Peter I Harrison

SRCY judge: Ian Roulstone

8-bell: Spliced Stedman Triples and Bristol S Major at Spitalfields

1. John J Ford
2. Ian Roulstone
3. Ian R Fielding
4. Catherine N Merlane
5. Oliver D Cross (C)
6. Ian G Campbell
7. Alan Regin
8. Claire F Roulstone

SRCY judge: Peter Harrison

12-bell: Bristol S Maximus (4 leads) at Shoreditch

1. Joanne R Fielding
2. Linda M Garton
3. Joanna K Dorling
4. George Unsworth
5. Paul A Caruana
6. Thomas B Mack
7. Simon R Holden (C)
8. Mary E Holden
9. Graham A Duke
10. Andrew V Brown
11. Ian G Mills
12. John P Loveless

SRCY judge: Ian Oram