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The SRCY team came third at Lincoln in the 2008 12-bell striking contest on Saturday 28 June. This was a good result against tough opposition and the band were reasonably pleased with how they'd rung, with the inevitable feeling of if "only we'd just.....". The team has been practising hard in the run-up to the final in a bid to close the gap to Birmingham and even overhaul them, but it was not to be - Birmingham once again clear winners, congratulations to them. The team tried a slightly different approach to the contest this year and involved some different people - perhaps if we build on this we can close that gap next year.....

The Stockton band were placed 7th and were dissappointed not to win the 'battle of the North'. Good to see them there and no doubt they'll be back next year too...


The SRCY band at Lincoln is listed below:

1. Paul A Caruana
2. Linda M Garton
3. Joanne R Fielding
4. Shirley E McGill
5. Mary E Holden
6. Alexander J Britton
7. Simon R Holden (C)
8. Oliver D Cross
9. Ian G Mills
10. John P Loveless
11. Alan Regin
12. Ian R Fielding

Thanks also to George Unsworth (who rang in the eliminator), Doug Beaumont and Jo Dorling for ringing at many of the band practices.