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Anniversary Peal At Stepney

St Dunstan's Stepney

On March 8th 2007, 10 members of the Society met at St Dunstan's Stepney on the 200th anniversary of a peal of Grandsire Caters rung by the Junior Society of Cumberland Youths, this as the first peal on ten at St Dunstan's. The 1807 peal was composed and conducted by the celebrated John Noonan as you will see from the photo of the peal "board". We couldn't track down the original composition but rang a modern 5039 in a slightly quicker time. Incidentally, there is a "proper" board in the tower which records the peal but this is now very difficulty to read - perhaps a future restoration project! The 2007 band are grateful to Christopher Cooper who had made the arrangements for the peal and had everything ready for them.

Alan Regin

STEPNEY, Gtr London, St Dunstan
Thu Mar 8 2007 3h21 (29)
5039 Grandsire Caters
Comp: T Hooley
1. Ian R Fielding
2. Shirley E McGill
3. Simon J Davies
4. John P Loveless
5. Jason R Turnock
6. Stephen A Wheeler (C)
7. Richard M Hobbs
8. Ian K Bushell
9. Alan Regin
10. Simon R Holden
On the 200th anniversary of the first ten bell peal rung in this tower, the 1807 peal was rung by the Junior Society of Cumberland Youths.